Harold Beane RIP

Was all over America Eats Its Young and Live Meadowbrook. This cat was a badd axeman. Played on a gang of stuff out of Stax including Isaac Hayes classic Walk On By.


I dunno if Harold Beane features on this particular track from Hot Buttered & Soul from ‘69’ or if he’s just on ‘Walk On By’ but either way it’s got a Funkadelic Sound and a very P style title!?!

Something else worth noting is that Hot Buttered & Soul (Unlimited) was also the name of Issac Hayes female backing singers featuring. Pat Lewis, Rose Williams, Diane Lewis, Barbara McCoy and Diane Evans.

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I believe its him on Ms Lucifer’s Love and Pussy off of AEIY. I’m picking up that similar sound he got on Walk On By.

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Here’s from bushtales on yt. RIP

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:point_up:t3:That playing on the first tune the fast one fuck yeah! Play On HB, Play On​:metal:t3:

Yeah that’s my old man playing lead on that track