Gold and Maggot version of Funkadelic live at Meadowbrook

Saw that Tidal Waves Music will release a gold and a maggot vinyl version of Funkadelic live at Meadowbrook, Rochester on the 15 November 2019. And they will only make 100 copies each.

You can get/pre order them from Amoeba Music and Zia Records.

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the Meadow Brook Amphitheater is located in Rochester Michigan on the grounds of Oakland University. Even at the time Rochester was fairly affluent and Oakland University, even though public was fairly small. I wonder if the King of the Coke Heads ever played there again.

I haven’t heard of any other gig they’ve done in Rochester, MI. So maybe this was the only time.

I was being facetious. I live in the Detroit area. These days Meadow Brook is sort of a boutique type concert place. Some blues and jazz etc.