George on Flamagra

Y’all peeped George on Flying Lotus’s album Flamagra that dropped today? Pretty chill track.


Great song! Wasn’t that sir nose I heard :grin:. I gotta check out Flying Lotus more.

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I wonder what the status is of George’s album on the Brainfeeder. They were talking about it pretty good a couple years ago. This one’s nice a spacy. It would be neat to hear a whole album’s worth of material like this. Besides the obvious homage to “Jam Fan”, it’s got some Atomic Dog in it too.

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Yeah, he talked about that Brainfeeder album back in 2016. On Shake The Gate (late 2014) it said “Stay tuned for Medicaid Fraud Dogg coming soon” and that took four years. So I guess this album should get released around 2020 :smile:

Would also love a full album with tracks like this one! I didn’t think about the connection to Fan Jam at first, but you’re right of course.

You want me to be cool, but I’m not… You need a fan…

Bit off topic, but the subsequent track with Little Dragon is a great little groove, listening to the whole album now!

Will check it out!

Still waiting for that Brainfeeder album. Maybe he wants to drop the P-Funk Allstars album first and then the Brainfeeder one…