George Clinton family tree

George has at least five direct descendants that I’m aware of; he probably has more, assuming there are some that never got into music. For those more in the know than me, what is the family lineage of these children?

I’m aware of:

  • GC & Tamala Lewis -> Tracey Lewis -> Tra’zae Clinton
  • GC -> ?? -> Sativa (LaShonda Clinton)
  • GC -> Nakid87 (Brandi Scott)
  • GC -> George Clinton Jr. (deceased)
  • GC -> Chrissy Walter
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I think Brandi is the step daughter. Her mom is his current wife. Sativa dad is GCIII (jr). He has a few children with his first wife and then at least one with Bob Bishop’s sister. That would be Barbarella. I think.
One of his kids with the first wife was Donna, I think. She passed on several years ago. That may have been Daryl and GC III mom too. I used to know all this but it’s foggy now.

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Here’s some more.

  • GC -> Tracey Lewis -> Trafael ‘Trey’ ‘God’s Weapon’ Clinton-Lewis
  • GC -> Tracey Lewis -> Patavian Norman-Lewis
  • GC -> Barbarella Bishop -> Tonysha Nelson
  • GC -> Lushawn Clinton -> Shawn ‘Young Pop’ Clinton

Yeah as @OooBooBeeDoop said, Brandi is his step daughter. She’s the daughter of GC’s wife Carlon.


Here is a little beta family tree, that i made some years ago… i will update this sucka soon!

Thangs to update:

GC Mother: Julious G. Keaton
GC Kid (Daughter): Brandi Scott (Nakid87) (Mother: ??? Scott)
GC Kid (Daughter): Chrissy Walter (Mother: ??? Walter)
GC Kid: Lushawn Clinton
Lushawn Clinton Kid: Shawn ‘Young Pop’ Clinton
Tracey mother: Tamala Lewis
Tracey Lewis Child: Trafael ‘Trey’ ‘God’s Weapon’ Clinton-Lewis
Tracey Lewis Child:Patavian Norman-Lewis

Looking good! Brandis mother is called Carlon Thompson-Clinton (previously Carlon Scott).

Edit: Here’s some more stuff from GC’s book.

  • GC’s father was also called George Clinton
  • GC & Elizabeth Bishop (Liz) → Barbarella Bishop
  • GC & Carol Hall → first child: Donna Clinton
  • GC & Carol Hall → second child: George Clinton III (jr)
  • GC & Carol Hall → third child: Darryl Clinton (died 2014)
  • GC & Carol Hall → fourth child: Lushawn Clinton (Shawn)
  • GC & Gwendolyn (Gwenny) → Stefon
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