GC rap from upcoming Cosmic Love Letter

Did you catch the GC interview by The Source on instagram? Around 38:50 he bust into a rap from the (apparently) upcoming single Cosmic love letter.

He also mentions that the new album will be called Reaching for litness, but I suppose that can always change. :slightly_smiling_face:

Reaching for Litness? He says something about it on his FB page I had no idea what he was saying. If this is the case it looks like he’ll be refurbishing that same rap again, from Snot N Booger.

I missed that. But you’re right, that is Snot n Booger.

Yes it is. It always sounded like something Trey wrote. I guess the whole One Nation Under Sedation has gone out the window. When you’ve been dropped off as many times as I have by The Dr’s talk of new releases you learn to take everything he promotes with a grain of salt.
I never thought he would actually put out Medicaid Fraud Dogg so I have been wrong before.
Usually he starts talking about a record at least a few years before it comes if it ever comes out at all.


George did an instagram live with Snoop a few days ago and he talked about Reaching For Litness as though it would be released quite soon (nothing explicitly stating it but saying something like “quarantine ain’t gonna stop us” or somn like that). On the other hand he talked to Snoop about P-ing on it (similar to what he did with the Purple Man I suppose…), which makes me think it’s nowhere near done lol. He did play a couple songs from it, but the audio quality didn’t make it very easy to hear if they sounded very polished, or more like a demo… So I dunno… What do you guys think? Will it be releasing next month or next year? Next decade?

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I’m gonna go with… Fall 2021. You heard it here first.

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Then I’ll say… spring 2021. But maybe that’s just wishful thinking. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Anything before about 2025 is a stretch.