GC feature in BM January 1983

I while back I got the the January 1983 issue of Black Music & Jazz Review. It have a feature on Clinton, so I’ll put it up here if anybody haven’t read it. The issue also included an ad for Computer Games, so I scanned that as well. One image is brighter than the others, but that’s the way it was in the magazine.

The feature/interview is done by Chris May. GC talks about By Way Of The Drum and that it’s scheduled for release spring that year. :smile:

I’ve seen it before on the net, but thought it would be nice to have it with a higher resolution and without any water marks on it. :slight_smile:

Hit the download button to see it in higher res.


Thanks for sharing! :flying_saucer: :flying_saucer: :flying_saucer:

Yes I remember this. He was into his “junkanoo meets funkanoo” phase. There is a pic somewhere of him and Jessica Cleaves down there in the islands funkin’ with the folk somewhere. I have this mag somewhere in the dungeon archives. I really enjoyed re-reading it. I love these old print pieces on The Funks.

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I had considered posting up some more images a while ago or even starting a “gallery thread”, I will do when get access to scanner.


Yes, this Black Music & Jazz is nice. They have another with a nice spread and cover on Bootzilla.