Garry Shider - Beautiful

Does anyone have one of the 12" versions of this release?

Two of the three 12" versions have a version of “Beautiful” labeled as the Acapella version. I have downloaded an apparent rip of this record on Soulseek and the track lengths match what is showing on discogs - BUT, the acapella version is not acapella; it definitely contains lots of instruments.

So I’m wondering if someone with a physical copy can check this out. Either the record is improperly labeled and there’s actually no acapella version, or the files I downloaded are mislabeled.

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Yeah, I got that 12” with the acapella version on it. I will dig it up and check if it really is acapella.

Unfortunately I don’t have my ripping gear at home, otherwise I could’ve ripped it for you.

Ok, so it’s definitely not an acapella version. Lots of instruments, pretty similar to the radio version. The other tracks seems to be labeled correctly.

The sound doesn’t get more 80s than this! :smile:

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Thanks for looking into it. So really there’s no acapella version and this is mislabeled. It’s more like another remix, as the intro is nothing like any of the other versions of this song I have. But I haven’t heard the radio version, it seems to have not made it online along with the rest - I assumed it was just an edit.

Exactly, no acapella version that 12". I’ll send you the edit when I’m able to rip it!

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Micowave was on Funknstuff on youtube telling about how this song came to be attributed to Garry Shider.


Haven’t watched that one yet. Will do right away!


Damn, didn’t know Mico Wave sang lead on that! Had to go back and listen to it again.

First, it’s not GarryShider singing on this record. The vocals are done by Mico Weaver, Mico Wave. Second as far as I remember is that they misprinted the info on the label and that the acapella doesn’t exist

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^thank you. however, just for clarification, mico wave and mico weaver are 2 different people. mico wave sang the leads on “beautiful.”


Yes I remember coming out of the summer of 89. The PD of a local radio station invited me to come up and take the promo copy of the 12" off his hands. He wasn’t even thinking about playing it. Well, that led to a 20 year career in radio but that is another story.

I got home and iced the wax only to say to my stunned ears, I recognize that voice, and it seems Garry is nowhere on the record. Unless he was doing some programming or something. It sounded to me like some outtake from Cookin’ From The Inside Out.
When the album came out my suspicions were confirmed. But up until Funknestuff’s interview I had no idea of how it transpired.
It’s these kinds of tales that I’m about nowadays.


So it seems like Shider had nothing to do with this song. Should I label these tracks as being by Mico Wave? It sounds like that would be a lot more accurate.

According to Mico Wave (in that interview), Garry did some background vocals.

I would keep it labeled to Garry, since it’s like that on the release. But that’s just me :slightly_smiling_face:. Are you talking bout the track on your computer or about Discogs?

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I meant just for my own purposes, like the files on my computer. Definitely on discogs it should remain the way it was released. I wasn’t aware of the background vocals. Maybe I will just label it as Garry Shider and Mico wave.

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