Fuzzy Haskins suffers a stroke

Did anyone else see the post about Fuzzy Haskins from the Eddie Hazel Facebook page? He had a stroke and is in bad shape. I know he’s older, but I hope he recovers.


Damn, I hope he recovers. Thanks for the info.

A couple of weeks ago I was actually thinking about that we hadn’t heard anything from Fuzzy in a long time.

There’s the post from Loonie Greene. Hope he keeps us updated.

Edit: Lonnie’s post seems to be gone at the moment, but here’s his fb page if he posts any updates.


What?!?! Man this is nuts I had Fuzzy on my mind last night. Was going back down memory lane. Must have been some spirits in the air. This was backstage in Atlanta at the old Atrium out in Stone Mountain. The gig was Winter 2000. Enjoy.


Came here to see if anyone had any updates. I plan to send Fuzzy something at the hospital address Lonnie provided.

Here’s hoping Fuzz recovers…


That pic is awesome. Thanks for sharing. Original P! Mallia Franklin was at that show, right?

Yup. She was with us backstage. They did a gig about a few months before this one and had Mal and her band as the opener and she scorched it.

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