Fuzzy Haskins Radio Active white vinyl

Just an heads up to anyone thinking of buying this. Don’t bother. The mastering is atrocious, the amount of noise compression used has made it sound really dull, and the pressing are pretty bad too, Ive had it replaced twice because the vinyl is so noisy and the third copy is no bettter


Thanks for the info. Reissues these days seems to be hit-or-miss, you never know.

I recently bought an orange vinyl of Whole Nother Thang. The sound on it is completely flat.

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I got a brown WNT, and it’s not brilliant, but its way better dynamically than Radio Active

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So true. About that same time, I bought the 50th Anniv edition of the first Funkadelic album and it had a flat sound on it too.
However, I did recently purchase a non-PF album that had a really nice, big dynamic sound on it. The Commodores Midnight Magic, a Japanese reissue.

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