Free your mind censored first pressing?

So, I’d been looking to snag a first pressing of this one. Found one with a good grading at a good price on eBay.

I got in, and is IS in very nice shape, BUT…

It’s a standard cover (not a Unipak), which means the lady’s booty is not visible, and the label (which is the early swirly Westbound label) doesn’t say “and your ass will follow”, nor does the spine…doesn’t say it anywhere.

So, this seems like a PG version of a first pressing. Can’t find anything like it on discogs. Catalog number is WB-2001, just like a regular first pressing.

Anyone have an idea what’s up here?



Hopefully the fact you can’t find it on discogs means you’ve got something special (if censored)!

Hey @Bigmikerocks!

Haven’t heared of any PG version. Strange.

I found this Canadian reissue from '76. It’s not your release, but it also (only) has Free Your Mind on the label.

Could you upload some pictures of your release? Would love to see it. Also, what does the runout say? Maybe that could give us a clue.

Also please note that when I say censored I don’t mean the actual content of the album, I haven’t listened to it yet, I am only referring to the “and your ass will follow” not being printed anywhere on the sleeve, and the lack of the actual female booty on the back cover

:point_up:t3:I checked my copy of the album and it has the bottom Ass part of the photo on inner part of cover and is titled ‘Free your mind’ my copy is a ‘US westbound 2001’ and the Janus distribution on the on the label as well. :metal:t3:

I saw the T in the runout that usually stand for the Terre Haute pressing plant. But the release from Terre Haute on Discogs has another text layout on the label and is in a unipac, so I don’t know. Apparently, that release also only have “Free Your Mind” on the spine.

The label layout on your release looks more like the one from the Pitman pressing plant, like this one: