Forthcoming Bernie Worrell biography & vintage zine

There was a question on Twitter yesterday asking about books about P-Funk, and apart from the expected Clinton autobiography, Oral History book & Rickey Vincent’s Funk book, there was mention that Cedric Hendrix is writing an authorised biography of Bernie Worrell. Unsurprisingly, it sounds like it may not be very positive regarding George!

The thread also threw up a link to a music zine from 1989, Motor Booty which contains interviews with George, Pedro Bell & Fuzzy Haskins, plus an overview of Funkadelic releases. Not sure if it’s been posted here before, but there are some interesting nuggets in there. Enjoy!


That book will be interesting to read! I think he’s been working on it since beginning om 2020. On that cirdecsongs page there’s a lot of blog posts about his work on it. A lot of stuff to read. One thing I remember reading was that Jerome Brailey was part of the first version of the woo warriors. Didn’t know that.

Yeah that Motorbooty magazine is great! Been posted in this topic. :stuck_out_tongue:

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This is looking promising!