Flac copy of sweat band

Would anyone mind sharing. Mine got destroyed in a flood.

I only have it on vinyl and have no idea to transfer it on my current system sorry!

It’s not that hard to find. I just searched on Soulseek and found two separate users sharing a flac rip of it.

Soulseek is just an app you can download to your windows PC (like napster 20 years ago) and browse millions of files from thousands of members. Most can be downloaded in seconds or minutes.

Edit: just noticed in the very next thread that you said you’re on soulseek. So… check there!

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This is what I want, a second Sweat Band Album, not with commercialized music of today but with the continued genius funk of Bootsy from that time period with songs from those original sessions that did not make it on that album; there has got to be some right, reworked and finished. I already texted Bootsy about this once, I could use a little help trying to convince him from you my fellow US Funk Mob members.

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