Finally landed the rarest of rare gems!

I’ve been on the hunt for an original copy of Eddie’s “Games, Dames, and Guitar Thangs” for many, many years and finally landed one at my local vintage record shop.
It’s almost impossible to find these in the wild, especially in Canada where it’s a much smaller population and there’s not nearly as many funk and soul fans like in the U.S. from back in the day that would’ve had one to eventually trickle down to the used market.
It’s an original 1977 Canadian pressing, still factory sealed! I did the honours and opened it up and was the first human to ever play this funky piece of 44 year old virgin vinyl!


That’s awesome! It’s on my wish list as well. Some day…

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Well in, sir Galahad. The quest is achieved! Jealous as all feck :joy:

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I’d be hard-pressed to bust the shrink wrap on that one. I’d have to sit on it.

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I had to rip the band-aid off right away! I knew that I’ll own this album until the end of my days so may as well make it official and be the first one to play it!


Congrats…I had the reissue on the WB label but sold it when I scored a promo copy from LA pressing plant in NM- shape…I wish it was longer


Welcome to the forum @Richard_Schuette!

How was the sound on that repress? Was it an obvious difference compared to the original?

It was Rhino exact copy and it seems as though they had access to the masters because it was very clean …I dont know if it was remastered…Rhino does a top notch reissue and is respected.

This repress was very limited and when it does show up it can go as high as $150

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