Favourite P-Funk Songs

Yo… anyone else out there?

Yeah I know this is a pretty basic discussion, but it’s a good one. :grinning:

Just simply, what are you favourite songs in the P-Funk genre?

I’m gonna go with…
“One Nation Under A Groove” by Funkadelic
“P-Funk (Wants To Get Funked Up)” by Parliament
“I Don’t Believe You Want To Get Up And Dance (Oops Up Side Your Head)” by The Gap Band
“Standing On The Top” by The Temptations & Rick James

What are yours? :sunglasses:

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My favorites are:
“Placebo Syndrome” by Parliament
“Pleasure Principle” by Parlet
“Never Buy Texas from a Cowboy” by The Brides of Funkenstein
“Play Me or Trade Me” by Parlet
“Do That Stuff” by Parliament
“Baby I Owe You Something Good” by Funkadelic
“Love Don’t Come Easy” by The Brides of Funkenstein

And so many others!!!

No disrespect Gap and Rick are funky for sure but I don’t believe they qualify as “P-Funk”. Like the great Dawn Silva said, plenty of funky music out there, but it’s not The Funk. When you hear The Funk you know it and feel it.
That being said here are my faves by the classic bands.

Parliament- Rumpofsteelskin. I’m still discovering the deep pleasures and treasures of this one thru headphones 40 years after it came out.

Funkadelic- Undisco Kidd. What Bernie is doing on synth and piano is “new heights in stoopid”.

Bootsy’s Rubber Band- Another Point Of View. Listen to this one in each channel separately and discover two new songs altogether.

Parlet- Ridin’ High. It still behooves me that some refer to this funk bomb as disco.

Brides- Never Buy Texas From A Cowboy. What can I say, it’s got it all, an extended Kidd Funkadelic solo and Sheila doing some incredible scat towards the end.

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Hey Bimini, I know what you mean. I wouldn’t consider The Gap Band or Rick James P-Funk artists, but just that these songs are P-Funk, to me anyway.

I’m still discovering a lot of P-Funk so thanks for your replies guys, I’ll check your ones out. :sunglasses:

It’s funky for sho. It tries to imitate the P-Funk. Trick J and WGAP were masters at biting off the P. To me they can’t really touch it. But I was grooving on it when it first came out for sure.

Man, that question is to hard :grin:. But I’ll try, here’s some of them…

Music For My Mother
Maggot Brain
Can You Get To That
Loose Booty
Biological Speculation
I’ll Stay
Good Thoughts, Bad Thoughts

Unfunky UFO
Children of Productions

And now I feel bad leaving out so many great songs… :laughing:

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Ooh boatman I forgot about “Can You Get To That”, I love that one. It’s quite atypical of Funkadelic at the time if I could say that? But still totally brilliant.

I’d also like to throw in “Get Off Your Ass And Jam” for good measure, just so hilariously fantastic. :smile:


Hi guys, first post, just found you. As someone who discovered pfunk in the nineties (born in 77, so landed with the mothership!), I’m giving a shout for Under the Influence (axiom) and interface/stimulation loop (praxis) - discovering the back catalogue but also finding that there were quality new releases was amazing! OG Funk, Zillatron, Hardware, Dope Dogs! What a run! From the classics, psychotic bump school or purple hazel for me!

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Ahh Axiom. Bill Laswell Buckethead and them, gotta dig up those CDs! :slight_smile:

I remember Animal Behavior with Praxis. Amazing song. And the video was great!

Welcome to the forum!

Some of my favorite tracks are:
Pinocchio Theory by Rubber Band
Funk Ain’t Broke by Bootsy (Ft. Rodney O.)
Undisco Kidd by Funkadelic
Children Of Production by Parliament
Mis-America by Drugs
Workin’ On The Buildin’ by Quazar

I’d also recommend a band called SHAG they’re not really P-Funk per-say but they are funk and Bootsy did to-some-degree produce their two albums (one live, one studio). I’d actually recommend their live album, it’s one of the best live albums I’ve ever heard. I’ve uploaded both albums (as well as Quazar) to my channel Rubber Siege.


@ Phunklord_Siege

Personally I do think that SHAG do qualify in some way under P. Funk. This was the precursor to Freekbass, also produced by Bootsy Collins (the first 2 albums at least), and I will label that P. Funk in my terminology, although others may not. But to each its own and I respect that all the way :slight_smile:

I haven’t heard the live album from SHAG yet, but I do have the studio album and it’s funky as hell. Besides Bootsy producing it, it also has Mudbone Cooper singing on at least the track called Silver Children. :slight_smile:

I have too many fav P. Funk tracks to mention because they vary in their styles. So no matter what mood You’re in, there’s a P. Funk track to cover it. However Funkadelic’s Cosmic Slop is one of my all time favs… Especially the live version on Hardcore Jollies when they start of with “Spaaaace People… Universal Love”

Welcome to the forum @Phunklord_Siege! Mis-America is great, I always wanted that Drugs album to get released on vinyl :slight_smile: .

Will have to check out SHAG.

I’m here to praise the P. Let me get to it. Personally, I find very little filler in 50+ yrs of this catalogue. I know what some may say, but when you find yourself immersed in funk so deep, you understand. Some of my highlights:
I have a real love affair with Cosmic Slop. It really takes me to another place. Makes me grit my teeth, dance, and maybe a tear to my eye.
To fondest of all live experiences was when Knee Deep turns interlude, Blackbyrd plays his solo, and the late, and o so great Belita Woods would sing Sentimental Journey. Fuc*, that still moves me so much. The best version I know of is on the instant live release in Atlanta (midtown music fest) from ‘00s. I was there. Does anyone have more versions of this? I’ve only heard 3 or so, with most not being the best quality. Kendra Foster’s version is bangin’… but, Belita makes me salivate. I get sad when I no longer hear it after Knee Deep.
Of released albums, I love Dope Dogs. Hey man, Smell my finger. First you gotta Shake the Gate is fantastic, you just gotta accept it is a different time and place.
Off Shoots, Danny Bedrosian!!! Drugs-MisAmerica, Everything Bernie Worrell. I work along rockstars every day. I’ve got picks, setlists, backstage pass, drumheads. But only ONE signature have I ever asked for. Bernie Worrell. Right on top of his sweet mug headshot. He is the truest of all DopeDog souls. A true AllStar.


How could I forget… Funkadelic Live ‘71 LITERALLY changed my life.

I would say:

I call my baby pussycat
Insurance man for the funk - Bernie Worrell
Cookie Jar - Fuzzy Haskins
P-Funk (Wants to get funked)
Hit it and quit it
I’m gon make u sick o me
Good old music
So many more…

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Been thinking about this thread for a couple of years on and off but the lineup as it were keeps changing :grinning:

So in no particular order and subject to change at a moment’s notice…

Hit it and quit it. Bernie’s best vocal among its other charms.

Fantasy is Reality - the Eddie & Glenn version from the live album.

Deep - shut your garbage mouth woman. :joy:

PFunk All Stars - Copy Cat. Is there really a dig at Prince in there or am I imagining it?

Groovallegiance. A stone cold masterpiece. Doo Doo Doo Doo wah. Best bass line ever for me. Go Skeet.

There’s a top five. Ask me again tomorrow and it may well have changed.