Enema Squad - Diarrhona Deluxe

Did any of you get the new Enema Squad EP? It’s called Diarrhona Deluxe and was released a year ago. It’s amazing, very track is great! They also do a great version of Doo Doo Chasers.

Mike, Garrett, Skeet, Boyd and Danny are all on this record. And a lot of other people as well. And Gabe of course.

I bought the CD (actually CD-R), but it’s also up on spotify. Here’s the link to discogs.


Did not know about this! Will definitely be giving it a listen. The song Nothing 4 Free they released a few years back is great!! I was wondering when they were gonna release more!


Can’t believe I slept on this. Missed this thread, missed the EP release and finally stumbled on it today on Tidal.

Nothing for Free is deadly :metal:

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