Eddie Hazel Session List

This is my first post on the forum.
I just wondered with all the experience on here whether anyone had compiled a list of Eddie Hazel’s non P-Funk sessions? I know there is the Temptation/Chairmen of the Board/Undisputed Truth work, however, sometimes it’s not too obvious what is and what is not EH, e.g. is he on Zoom?
I just heard the Temptations doing ‘Soul Mate’ yesterday, so great to find a new track (for those who haven’t heard it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=77Ss4f-cBeI&list=PL72F6vhPmddLkVLAbErI62aczvygVHx6n&index=4)



Yeah would be nice with a list like that. Eddie is also on that Bonnie Pointer album.

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Hey @silentboatman
Thanks for getting back. Yes, i wasn’t sure if this had been done before or not. Maybe ill try and put something together. Will check out Bonnie Pointer

Free from me freedom - Billy on bass and Eddie on banjo :metal:

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I would love to know the undisputed truth stuff. I’ve only heard vague anecdotes.

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