Dr. Funkenstein Houston 76

Love this performance but does anyone know why it cuts at the 2:05 mark? It seems like they’ve taken out a whole jam.
And does anyone know if the full version is out there anywhere?

It pisses me off too , Rocky Mtn Shakdown has a great performance of the tune , Most likely to shave time off in the film

This first appeared way back in the mid-80s when that crazy edited VHS came out. A few years later a poor bootleg came out with a little more footage but still not the whole gig. Then one came out with better quality footage for about half of it. It took a few years before it really materialized with The Mothership Connection Live From Houston.
I think they are a few more edit points on there too.

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Just in the spirit of participation. The 2 performances that I love from that Houston gig is Funkin for fun , and Gamin on ya , Glenn just goes church on us in that performance Funkin, what a closer