Dice Clay ripping off GC

So this was discussed on the old One Nation Boardroom. I figured I’d revisit it here.

There is no question that comedian Andrew Dice Clay ripped off George back in the day. His dirty limericks and “ooohh” exclamations were long since familiar to us funkateers. Has the doctor ever commented on this? Did he know Dice Clay? I honestly never found him funny anyway, but he became quite successful, and his initial popularity was due in no small part to his stolen P-Funk-isms.

Thanks for your time, everyone. Hope you’re all doing well. :metal:t3::metal:t3:

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He mention Dice briefly in his book. I had to look it up :slight_smile:, it’s on page 137 when he talks about Let’s Take It to the Stage.

Andrew Dice Clay used much of that material later, and made quite a bit of money with it. But for us it had a deeper significance…


Thanks for the reminder. I need to revisit GC’s book.