Danny at UNH - book promotion show

Did you see that live show Danny did at the University of New Hampshire? It’s part of that book tour he’s doing. Great setlist. They play them chronologically on these promotion shows.

It cracked me up when Danny busted into the force theme in the middle of P Funk :slightly_smiling_face: . But it fits really well.

Besides Danny, we got Lige Curry, Kevin Oliver, Benzel and GC.

And also engineers Ryan Parker and Davis Thurston. And Brian Courchine on lighting.


My favorite Parliament song, Let Me Be, made the set list.



These shows are incredible. Getting to see George sing Party Boys 65 years later is wonderful. Danny is incredible.

Also GC is in fine voice - the stripped down vibe really suits him


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Any more info on this tour?? Would love to catch a show…


We are doing the Word of South book fair in Tallahassee April 27 with the same lineup. Also there are other upcoming dhows st colleges, conference centers and venues forthcoming…


Great, thank you for the info! Would love to catch a show in the northeast, I will be on the lookout!

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