Daisy Mae - Another case of “is this the Parliaments or not?”

Another case of “is this the Parliaments or not?”

Found this while looking for the Pat Lewis-sung version of Baby I Owe You Something Good. Daisy Mae. Apparently an unreleased track and apparently by the Parliaments, and not the “other” ones formed by Little Anthony. Of course there’s no picture of the record to help corroborate this, and no entry on discogs.

A few sources say or imply that this is our Parliaments, but I suspect they just don’t know what they’re talking about:

But this source seems unsure:

And this one seems sure it’s not them:

But of course, it had been 45 years by 2004, so it wouldn’t surprise me if George had completely forgotten about it by then.

I don’t think it sounds like them. I’m leaning towards no. But I thought I’d make sure with you guys.

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Interesting! Nice find. I think you’re right, it doesn’t sound like them.

According to discogs there’s apparently two other groups that was called the Parliaments. One with Little Anthony and them another one with Little Archie. Although, those names are strangely similar :slight_smile:.

This doesn’t sound like the five Parliaments that became the backup Funkadelic singers we know today. Remember, those cats did not get on board until well into the early 60’s. This could very well be the very original Parliaments.
Someone I know asked The Dr about the Lonely Island and he confirmed that is indeed his group.

Yeah, that’s true, but I’d still lean towards it’s not them, being that George has confirmed that Lonely Island was his group and confirmed that this song wasn’t - it lends credibility to the idea that he can remember back that far clearly.