Cover Art Cosmic Sloppiness

This is not strictly P-Funk related, but then maybe it is…I was listening to a radio show about library music albums (music made to be licensed for commercial use in the TV & Film industry) & how the wonderful reggae bassist / producer Dennis Bovell had done some tracks for the British KPM label back in 1981. KPM was probably the leading UK library music label from the 1960s onwards, and its catalogue has produced hundreds of fantastic sample sources for hip hop and everything since. So I had a look on Discogs, and yes, Dennis Bovell has 5 tracks on the very clearly titled The Reggae Album. Quite a few classic KPM albums have been reissued over the last few years, but a lot of them are still rare and expensive. Only a few were reissued on CD - and this one was pressed onto CD in 1989. The CD issues did away with the classic plain racing green sleeves and used artwork…and imagine my surprise when I saw what / who they had used to represent something as generic as a ‘Reggae’ album…

This image of George is very similar to a photo shoot he did in 1985 and which is available on several commercial image libraries:
I’m trying to be positive and imagine that the art director was in a rush / knew nothing about reggae or funk / needed his eyesight checking - the other alternative scenarios are too depressing to contemplate. Anyway…it’s a P-Funk related curio, the album does have a couple of good tracks on it…talk about ‘Shockwaves’… :crazy_face: