Couple questions about GloryHallaStoopid-era singles

  1. “Theme From The Black Hole / The Big Bang Theory (Original 12” Disco Edit)" as it is called on that Parliament 12" Collection… Sounds to my ears like it’s simply the album versions one after the other. Is that correct, or is there some actual remixing or additional editing going on that I’m not noticing?

  2. I read that The Big Bang Theory 7" has side 1 BBT at 4:28 and side 2 is BBT Pt II at 4:25. Add those together and you get a total of 8:53 which is almost two minutes longer than the album version. Is there really additional material, or does the beginning of side 2 just repeat a couple minutes of the end of side 1?


As for the Black Hole / Big Bang edit from the 12" Collection, I came to the same conclusion as you did (and was thoroughly confused as to why that would be included in the collection assuming that’s the case). I never really looked further into it because if it is different, it isn’t different enough that it’s very significant…

There is not any additional musical content, both sides are edits from the full length mix you hear on the album. The 1st side is the single edit which has excerpts spanning the duration of the song, including the start and ending. The 2nd side starts about 2.5 minutes into the album track but is also edited. I think there is a brief section in the album version that doesn’t appear on either side of the single. The sax solo and end of the song are repeated on both sides of the single.


Thanks for the great info, and welcome to the boards!


I’d be interested in the 45" just to collect it. Clip Payne gave Melissa some additional music from Black Hole years ago on the old One Nation Board Room. Really nice, about another minute or so after the outro.
The funkiest part of Big Bang is the vamp over the outro. The band used to regularly hit this groove live at the end of Aqua Boogie and just pound it to oblivion. P-Funk horns would kill it. Early 90’s.

Does this mean you’ve got a copy? Would love to hear it if you do

Unfortunately no. Back in those days I had no idea of how to snag it off of there. They may have had it set where you could not get it. I should have hooked the computer up to a tape deck and recorded it. I may have and put it somewhere. It was soooo hot, muggs were about to lose their chyt over it.

And that’s just it. Where is all the stuff that ended up on the cutting room floor? I can’t even imagine.

Well sheeeeet… Few things are worse than missing a chance to snag some rare tunes haha

Yeah I shoulda got it. I think Melissa the moderator of the board was getting a rare grooves section together when Clip gave it to her. I don’t know anything else about it. Whether it was something actually left over from whatever sessions they did for the album, or something the clipster came up with on his own, but it was definitely Black Hole. That’s like my third fave Parliament song behind Rumpofsteelskin and B3M.

They had the board archived somewhere once but I think the music was gone.

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Black Hole is definitely a favorite of mine too. “I’ve got jam in my leg…!” My text tone is the last few notes of that song followed by the explosion lol

If you give me a few days I’ll post it. I have a copy of it on cd somewhere. The last minute or so the horns do the looney tunes intro for the old wb cartoons.


Please do, I would love to hear that!

Wow man u gotta put it on us thanks.

Haha that’s amazing. A little nod to B3M I suppose. Definitely would love to hear it