Can I please have this guy be my uncle? Amazing collection!

Can I adopt this guy as my uncle or something? :upside_down_face: His collection seems pretty complete.

Anyone here have him beat? Perhaps a complete p-funk discography AND all originals?


That Computer Games is boss!!!


He also has a ton of p records on his instagram. :cowboy_hat_face:

All originals, yeah that’s still just a dream. But someday!

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It is!

@FreedomFlower are you a scouser?

Now that’s a word I had to google! :grin:


I’m not; but I’ve clearly spent far too much time among them, sure. :grinning:

Lovely city, great people.

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haha same here

I say things are boss and I’ve picked it up off my scouse mates :smiley:

And yep, agree :+1:

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Funkadelic in Liverpool

Tawl is clearly a red. You can tell by the colour of his pants.

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hahaha :smiley:

So is that Bernie the toffee next to him?

I hesitated to take the discussion in the direction of footy but I’ve got a season ticket at Goodison.

No probs if you’re a red though :smiley:

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Yep, a red. All good though my blue brother. A grand old club is Everton.

Happy for ye to claim Bernie if we’ve nicked Tawl :metal:

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