"Bounce 2 This" alternative mixes/remixes

I didn’t realize there were so many versions of Bounce 2 This (or Bounce To This, Humpty Dumpty, Humpty Hump Me, It Ain’t Over Till It’s Over, Eternal). Here’s the list of the ones I’ve come across so far (excluding numerous live recordings):

Anyone know of any others I missed? I saw a mention here of Bounce to This Rock, but haven’t tracked it down.

Also, has anyone heard the Parlamack ‘Club’ or ‘Booty’ mixes?

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Eternal is the superior version to me. Which one has Blackbyrd soloing all thru it?

Thanks for putting all these in one place. I have some downloading to do. I had no idea that the remix of Eternal had made it to youtube. I’ve been looking for that and the Lord Playa Hata remix for ages.

Any idea what is the origin of the Shock G Mix? is that unofficial?

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Yeah, Eternal is probably the best overall, although I think Humpty Dumpty [6:06] is a close second for me.

I should mention that that upload of ‘Eternal (Remix)’ might be slightly censored since that channel uploads altered ‘clean’ versions of songs.

No idea if it’s official, but at 4:25 Shock G mentions Amp, which I don’t recall hearing on any other versions (although I haven’t heard any of the Parlamack versions).

I like the live version on Kendra Foster’s album.

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