Bootsy's Rubber Band Hollywood Squares

Just wondering. The version on my copy of Back In The Day is different than the one on the Player Of the Year album even though the info and the time given are for that version. Where did the BITD version come from.? I* know I prefer it.

Vinyl 12” (1994) remix/rearranged…that also contained original mix!?!

There is nothing like the original track. What an awesome production. Although I appreciate the remix. I don’t feel it should be substituted for the original on a compilation like that. Include it as an additional track with the original on there.

I like the 12 inch version better. but both are great

Strange, on my copies of Back In the Day and Player of the Year I have the same version, 6:12-6:13 with the big instrumental intro.

I have digital files of the remix and the edit of the remix, purportedly from the 1994 12" that came out around the same time as Back In the Day, and they’re nothing like this.