Bootsy’s pre p-funk period

Bootsy’s pre p-funk period

The data on the occupation of James brown productions often leaves much to be desired. Many tracks lack data and I have tried to compile the best possible list on which Bootsy , Catfish etc. were part of the line-up.

With a number of tracks it is not certain that Bootsy actually plays on this. In addition, I have mapped out the period of The Complete strangers, House Guests and Bootsy, Phelps & Gary as well as possible. Looking forward to your comments, additions, etc.

Arthur Prysock - Fever

Arthur Prysock - If I Were Young Again

Arthur Prysock - Soul Soliloquy

Arthur Prysock - Where The Soul Trees Grow

Arthur Prysock -Let’s Talk Things Over

Beau Dollar - I wanna go where the soul trees grows

Ben Starr - Never love a woman

Ben Starr - She’s extra

Bill Doggett - Honly Tonk Popcorn

Bobby Byrd - Fight against Drug Abuse

Bobby Byrd - I Need Help I Can’t Do It alone live

Bobby Byrd - Signed Sealed delivered live

Bobby Byrd - When Something Is wrong with My Baby

Bootsy, Phelps & Gary - Love and Understanding 05:05

Bootsy, Phelps & Gary - Say Something Good 04:03

Bootsy, Phelps & Gary - Togerther In Heaven 02:52

Bootsy, Phelps & Gary - Together in heaven 02:21

Bootsy, Phelps & Gary - Together in heaven 06:08

Bootsy, Phelps & the Complete Strangers - Fun in our thang part 1 02:38

Bootsy, Phelps & the Complete Strangers - Fun in our thang part 2 03:11

Charles Spurling - Popcorn Charlie

Charles Spurling - That Woman

Charles Spurling - Which One

Gloria Taylor - Blue glass bubbles

Gloria Taylor - Brother Less Than A man

Hank Ballard - Butter Your Popcorn

Hank Ballard - Honky Tonk Popcorn

James Brown & Bobby Byrd - Since You’ve Been Gone

James Brown - Bewildred

James Brown - Funk Power 1970 - A Brand New Thang (Album)

James Brown - Get Up, Get Into It, get Involved

James Brown - Give It up Or Turnit Loose

James Brown - I Got The feelin’

James Brown - I Got to move

James Brown - Licking Stick

James Brown - Love Power Peace (Album)

James Brown - Sex Machine

James Brown - Sex Machine (Album)

James Brown - Soul power

James Brown - Super bad

James Brown - Super Bad (Album)

James Brown - Talkin’ Loud and saying Nothing

James Brown - The drunk

James Brown - The whole world Needs liberation

James Brown - There Was A Time (I got to move)

James Brown - Untitled Instrumental

JB’s - Food For Thought (Album)

JB’s - More Mess On My thang (Album)

JB’s - The Grunt part 1 & 2

JB’s - These Are The JB’s (Album)

Kay Robinson - The Lord Will Make A Way Somehow part 1 & 2

Lyn Collins - Wheels Of Life

Maceo and the Macks - Soul Power '74

Revolution Of The Mind (Album)

Roberta Dubois - Who Am I

The House Guests - Be right back

The House Guests - Miss Chicken

The House Guests - My Mind set me free 03:28

The House Guests - My mind set me free part 2 03:24

The House Guests (Album)

The House Guests Rated - X - What So Never the dance 03:59

The House Guests Rated - X - What So Never the dance part two 02:21

The Identities - when You Find Love Slipping away ?

Vicki Anderson - Super Good (Part 1 & 2)

Vicki Anderson - Yesterday (live)

Vicky Anderson (Myra Barnes) - Message From The Soul Sisters part 1 & 2strong text


Fantastic work.

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Thanks for the list! Will track down the ones I haven’t heard.

A while back I listened to a great interview with Bootsy where he talked about some of the early tracks he worked on. Will try to find it again, but I think you already listed the tracks he mentioned.

I knew there was a good reason why Soul Sisters and Super Good were two of my favourite funk tunes. :joy::metal:

Firstly, Vicky Anderson. Nuff said but…the Bootsy and Catfish are cookin.

Wheels of life by Lynn Collins is also choice.

James’ music was all about the drums and the vocals - screams - and probably the horns for me for years. Now the thing that hits most is the bass and guitar.