Blues & Soul articles on P-Funk

Scanned some more magazines. High resolution of course :slight_smile: . Blues & Soul this time. They’ve done a lot of articles on the P, so thought it would be nice to have a topic dedicated to them. If you have any, you can scan them and add them below.

I scanned two issuses. The first one is number 199 from 1976. By John Abbey. Hit the download button to see it in higher res.


And the second one is number 250 from 1978. Features an interview with Bootsy, also by John Abbey.


:point_up:t3:Cheers, I have the ‘76’ among my collection… Ha! One less article for me to have worry about scanning! :joy:

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Here’s another one from Blues & Soul. From 1971! It’s number 56 and written by John Abbey (again). This issue was released in April, so that was only a month before they came and did their UK tour.

The strange thing is that the text got switched with an article about Rozetta Johnson. I started to read and didn’t understand at all what they were talking about. I was so confused. :smile:


Here’s two more Blues & Soul issues featuring Bootsy. The first one is from 1988. Number 519.


And the second one is number 575 from 1990.


Ha! One more from my P-Stash I don’t have to worry about scanning!!!

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