Beware! Nosy P-Funk scammer 'John Connell' is around... 👃

I stumbled over Donna McCoys’s Post at FB: This nose recreated p-funk bands pages as his own personal playground using it to contact people for money. Saying he can provide meet and greets… Please don’t give John Connell money. He’s a fraud.


Thanks for the heads up. “He who nose and nosey nose…nose snot…”


Yup he’s still at it…trying his best to ingratiate hisself with me…saying :

Where are you located and how long have you been following up George or bootsy page, I’m John Connell the media manager of George Clinton and Bootsy Collins … So thank yhou for the heads up cuz i’m new here and this guy obvsly isn’t.


Just received a similar message from a “Brown Loose”

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Really? Must be the same guy. Desperate I guess… Either data mining, phishing for banking information, or pretending to sell backstage pa$$es or press/media package$… I wouldn’t trust him as far as I could throw him.

He’s got thousands of twitter followers. His page is full of details about Pfunk which makes him look legit. He put me in touch with “George Clinton” via gmail and waited for a long time before asking for money. I have a fairly high profile as a music teacher so I get invited to things like the BRITS as a VIP sometimes so he really had me going until he for $125 for a “Funkenstein card”

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Yep, he tried to hijack my FB account as well.

Oh ok…just seen this…in convo at the moment with this dude…thought it was weird…will stop communication with him


Watch out for that zone of zero funkativity aka the nose zone. :grin:

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