Bernie Worrell's estate sues GC


Interesting read. It’s easier when it’s against somebody like Boladian, and not between two people you like. It’s always messy when there’s old contracts, record sales and royalties involved. Comes down to money I guess.


I hear you.

I don’t believe this lawsuit is just about money though. I think it is personal and is as much about recognizing Bernie and the other band members proper contributions than money, even if it is effectively too late for Bernie and many of the others. #justiceforbernie


Kind of figured that this would happen. I remember seeing Judie talk about how Bernie was owed money from George years ago.

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Warner Bros are also being sued, which I think we can all get behind.

In terms of sorting out credits and suchlike, are we to believe that we will finally know precisely who played what and where and when?

Good luck sorting that :joy: