Bernie Worrell Orchestra - BWO Is Landing

I just had to share this - I actually managed to get myself a copy of BWO Is Landing on CD! I asked the person who had submitted the photos on discogs and he offered to send it to me in a trade, and he didn’t even care what I sent back. I was very grateful, mind you, so I sent 8 different items. This is owned by only three people on Discogs, and I am one of them now!

After listening to all those live shows, only four of these songs are really new to me, and I’ve heard a dozen live renditions of the other four, but this is still pretty special to me.

Aside from those two Kickstarter CDs (Live @Lynagh’s and Frontier Ranch) and the samples disc Dis Is Wot U Shoulda Had, I believe I have everything Bernie ever released on CD (some are still on their way in the mail).

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There are multiple copies of this at the shop locally, or was pre-Covid, but I’m sure they are still there.

What shop are you referring to?

Wow, maybe it’s possible to call that shop and get a copy. @D_VoidofFunk, do you remember what the price was? And welcome to the forum!

Fantastic. Were you ever able to see them live with Bernie? I caught them a couple of times in a small club. Freekbass sat in with 'em one night for Red Hot Momma. They had a big, full sound. Whole different vibe from the legendary Woo Warriors.


No. Sadly, I’ve only been a big fan for about a year now. I’m very late to the party. If Bernie was performing live right now I’d travel a considerable distance to see him.

I think the show where Freekbass sat in, was among those shows at

I agree with the sound evolved from the WW to the BWO. I noticed that with the 49 shows I downloaded, especially since I listened to them in chronological order.

I bought it at Fingerprints in Long Beach. They still haven’t reopened their store yet but are easy enough to find online though I tried to support them during quarantine and it wasn’t easy to buy and pick up. This was early in quarantine though so maybe they’ve adjusted.

Great store, seems to have a lot of stuff.

Wow! They sure do. I wonder why the site’s not indexed on google (or at least doesn’t come up high in the results). I know I’ve googled “Bernie Worrell BWO is Landing CD purchase in stock” before and never came up with anything. But, yep, there it is, in stock for anyone who wants it. They have a ton of stuff, not all of it’s in stock but it’s going to take a while to browse the whole store. If anyone comes across anything previously thought to be rare and hard to find, let us know in this thread!

Yeah. They’re good people at fingerprints. Glad the finally got their site up. It wasn’t that way when I was trying to buy stuff. I’ll probably get some stuff this weekend via curbside pick up