"Band For Life" Comic Book by Anya Davidson

I came across this comic book, it’s no real p.funk content, but there are some small references… for the sake of completeness… :dog: :orangutan: :unicorn:

I was raised on old school adult comics from the '60s to '80s, the artwork of Pedro Bell, Overton Loyd and Ronald Stozo of the Parliament-Funkadelic Universe, Ralph Bakshi movies, and the like. When I came across Band For Life, I was immediately drawn in. The art reminded me of Funkadelic album covers, but with its own original swagger. The storylines spoke to my personal experience as a lifelong musician and band leader/member, in the same way that This Is Spinal Tap made me cry once I realized my life was as absurd as the movie. Anya Davidson is tapped into the very human experience that makes life in a band the story of family.

– Norwood Fisher “Fishbone”

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