Atomic Dog Tour - March 3rd - May 22nd

Any idea why the poster for the tour says the tour stops on may 22nd but there is more shows after that?? Also, while we’re on this topic, does anyone have shows after (Detroit, Mi 04-08-83)
(Cleveland, OH 05-14-83)
(Cleveland, OH 05-15-83)
(Los Angeles, CA 04-23-83 Beverly Theater)
(Long Beach, CA 06-08-83)


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Ha, I taped the Long Beach Show.jul 8 83," Long Beach Funk Fest"

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Any shows before or after?
Thank you Sir Cornelius for persevering the funk!
Is that the show you happen to be talking about?

Yep, we moved to the front of the stage toward end of concert. People were flowing out of the show early, Notice the audio gets better. You can hear us hollering about how close we were…