Atomic Dog (Que Dog Edition)

A while back, GC posted on Instagram talking about a version of Atomic Dog he was making in relation to Omega Psi Phi. Anybody have any word on if/when/where we’ll be able to hear this?


I think this is a “making of” for a music video for it.


I don’t know but I was on amazon music and came across a 5 min mix of the song I had never heard.

only vaguely related, but didn’t want to start a new topic, does anyone know if there’s a full version of this remix of Flash Light? I tried shazaming it and that didn’t work lol

ok turns out it was really easy to find lol


thanks for alerting me to this.

what’s the origin? Like, who’s responsible for the remix, is it part of a release, etc?

no idea. It seems to just be that youtube channel but idk. It very well could have just not been released commercially, but I haven’t really looked into it tbf, that’s just a guess.

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