Article on Plainfield doo-wop

Saw the news that Sammy Campbell from the Del-Larks just passed away, so I was searching for more stuff to read about them when I found this great paper/article.

Doo Wop and Soul in the Birthplace of Funk: The Story of Sammy & the Del Larks (2.9 MB)

Besides the info on the Del-Larks, it also includes a lot about the Parliaments and when Ray Davis was a part of the Del-Larks. Great stuff. So if you wanna get your feet wet in Plainfield doo-wop, you should check it out!

It’s written by Charlie and Pamela Horner over at They have a lot of doo-wop stuff on their page. Talked with Pamela about posting it here. :slight_smile:

Here’s an image of the Del-Larks (with Ray Davis in the middle).

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