Anyone know which character from the P-Funk mythos this is?

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Boogie? At a guess.

Where’s the picture from? Is it from Connections and Disconnections?

In which case, that’s Fuzzy on congas and the base player would be Ken Blackmon ???

It appears to be from a mural by “Chet Williams, 12-11-78.”


Boogie is to the left of the drummer. Fuzzy is with the rest of the Parliaments. I’m gonna guess Skeet??? Dunno who percussion is???

Thanks for the input, all! It would seem this isn’t just an instance of ignorance on my part, but a minor mystery.

If I’ve got this right. we’ve ruled out Boogie, but it still could be either:

-Ken Blackmon?

I hope to find out because I find the character in the drawing to be really cool and use it as an avatar elsewhere, but feel like I really should know who it is if I do so.

Any further speculation or knowledge welcome!

The character seems to be a take on Mike Hampton. During P-Funk’s heyday, Mike would often wear a hooded monk’s robe and a fencing mask.

-Doc Spanky


I think Doc Spanky has nailed it.


Thank you!!!

Leave it to a doctor to have the knowledge!

A P-Funk fan AND a Mazinger fan?
Fine taste.

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