Amsterdam 12/8/1978

First off I’m a die hard Bigfoot fan , But Ty Lampkin kills me on this date . He shimmers his cymbals and it is absolutely stunning , anyone wants a copy , I can Dropbox to someone , then share the Fonk

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Ty is my fave PF drummer. George has gone on record to say the same. He was the drummer when I first discovered P-Funk during the One Nation Era.

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Then you should have this file , if you want it . It tracks as one 55 min tune

I think I may have this. Got a burning version of Standing on the Verge on there right? Mothership Connection on there I think. Tape runs out right as they are singing “let me see you raise your hands” or something.

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It’s got that interlude right after tear the roof off the sucka - gogadoo gaa gagadoo gaa Gaga Doo Gaga , skeet has that bass line locked with Ty shimmers his cymbals , it’s about 5 minutes of some of the coolest shit I’ve ever heard :black_heart::black_heart::musical_score:

Can you shoot me this file? I’d be grateful to hear this! I don’t have this one.

Sure thing , I just need your email address and I’ll Dropbox it to you

Thank you! It’s

There you go Paul, enjoy :+1:

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Funk received! Thanks so much, James.

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Your welcome , let me know what you think , Take care .

I’d love to hear this, if you still have it available @James_Flessas or @pfunkpaul
Email is thanks🤘🏽

I do still have it ( I’ll never ditch it ) and I need to see what I can delete on Dropbox first before I put it back up , give me a day or 2 , then I’ll repost and send . Peace

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pfunkpaul , I had a computer crash and I had to reboot the operating system and I lost a shit ton of files , Would you be kind enough to re share Amsterdam 12\8\78 I have a lot backed up on external HD’s . and of course I removed it from dropbox to share other files , thanks in advance

I was there.


@pfunkpaul sorry to be a pest…any chance you would mind sharing this show?:metal:t4:

@James_Flessas @WizardofFinance My bad, fellas. Didn’t mean to leave you hanging here. I downloaded this on my old computer. I’ll dig it up and get back to you asap.


Here are cover scans for the bootleg of that show


I haven’t had any luck tracking down the download file but I found the audio on YouTube:


@James_Flessas I got the file; thanks so much brother🤘🏽