America Eats It’s Young pressings

I have a really nice first pressing of America Eats It’s Young that sadly didn’t come with the poster or booklet. They seem super rare to find, I wonder how many were actually inserted with the albums.

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I don’t have that poster, my friend does though. I saw a Canadian copy with poster once again amazing, the cover was really well printed on superb thick card, the vinyl was really fat too but £50 seemed a lot in the late eighties. There was also a booklet which came with “America Eats” it must be even rarer than the poster, I only became aware of it in the last couple of years.

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I only have the Ace reissue from 1992… If anybody missed it, here’s a topic about booklet.

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There are also some good US copies available on discogs going for around £40-£60 graded at (looks unplayed) vg+ to nm. Bairgains when you consider the price of most funkadelic original issues. The single I linked to seems to have doubled in price since I last viewed it just over a year ago.