Almost All Of It

Well I said it’s time to put this down in history. Got a few more clippings that I did not get to. I kept stacking and stacking and stacking in layers. So I ended up with 8 layers worth. Enjoy.

Ooops, forgot this very special Soul (had it in another stack) signed by Casper on his birthday a couple of years back. Enjoy!


Wow! I’m officially blown away! :star_struck:

I will go through them and come back will some requests. :wink:

There’s so much stuff here I haven’t read… The magazines that I’m most interested in reading would be New Funk Times, Uncut Funk and Zeep. But I suppose they have too much p related stuff in them to scan or take pictures of. Motorbooty seems also awesome, but I just bought that one the other day and it’s on it’s way! :tada: :tada:

Here’s some questions about other magazines I saw you had.

What’s this? Looks like the album, but not the same dimensions. Is it some kind of promo stuff?


This one is from 1975, right? Does it have a lot of pfunk related stuff, or is it just a short review?

These two would also be nice to read!

Sure. That first one is a book that apparently accompanied the release of Parliament Live. It’s a quirky, interesting find. Used to be really rare, not so much now. It’s got some sheet music to some of the songs and some poorly deciphered lyrics. I don’t know the who, when, where it actually came out. I did know someone who had somehow got a hold of it when it was actually out, so it must have been widely available for the funkateers back then if they knew where to get it.

That Crawdaddy has a nice write up/review in an article called "Understanding Dat “Parliafunkadelicment Thang”. The author does a simultaneous review of Chocolate City and Let’s Take It To The Stage. A whole page and then some.

The Musician is a blow out. A deep 7 pager about the time of Motor Booty Affair. Contains some great rare pics and the photo that apparently inspired the back cover of Uncle Jam.

The other is a fanzine out of southern california that did a piece on the PFAS 3 night stand at the Beverly. All kinds of pics from the gig backstage on stage etc.

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