Albums By Maceo Parker or Fred Wesley

As I continually expand my foray into albums more outside the George/Bootsy/Bernie orbit, but still within the P-funk universe, I have gotten to the point where albums by Maceo Parker and Fred Wesley are on my radar. They both have extensive discographies and information on them is not always easy to find. I thought I would ask the group here: Are there any releases by these two that stand out as being very P-funk influenced? For example, Funk For Your Ass has Bootsy on every track so that’s a great place to start. Are there any others that would be in that particular realm, as far as p-funk involvement is concerned?

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Well of course I’ve already got the horny horns stuff!

:point_up:t3:Well that’s good…I’ll just pretend that is your way of saying thank you for the maceo - ‘roots revisited’!?!

Yes, exactly! (Thank you)

Just curious - Is Roots Revisited your recommendation specifically because it’s his funkiest work? Or because it features Bootsy throughout?

(the song you posted is pretty damn funky though)

Mo Roots is funkier I think

Most of the solo albums from Maceo and Fred Wesley don’t include any other p-funk people. Besides Skeet and Greg Boyer who are on Maceos later albums. Bootsy is also on Fred Wesleys album Full Circle (From Be Bop To Hip Hop) from 1998. I think Bernie Worrell and Mudbone were on that too.

I really like the song Half A Man from Blow By Blow by FW. It feels like something that could have been on Osmium or Down Stroke.

I spent a lot of time this weekend listening to samples and snippets of the extensive catalogs by Fred Wesley and Maceo Parker, and although they don’t have a lot of P-Funk involvement, they are nonetheless very funky and have such a bumpin’ groove throughout.

It doesn’t even appear that any of their music is particularly rare or expensive. I could collect it all, but jeez, that’s a lot of music.

I could try to select a few highlights based on the samples, but I haven’t found anything to be subpar, so I’d be really hard pressed to draw a line between what’s worth getting and what’s not. Plus I tried to do that with the Bernie Worrell collection and in the end, I’m getting it all.

They don’t have any easily accessible compilations, either. It’s a tough one. Probably have to revisit in a few months after I’m done collecting Bernie’s stuff.

Def check out Maceo’s For All The King’s Men e.p. It has Bernie, Bootsy, Fred, Razor. A couple of the tracks later showed up (in different edits) on Axiom Funk Funkcronomicon.

:point_up:t3:What are you babbling about “They don’t have a lot of P-Funk involvement” seriously you couldn’t come across as being anymore ignorant of P-Funk if your home address was the zone of zero funkativity and you had a ten inch nose…” Maceo, Fred, Kush And Rick they’ve got a Thang that’s really slick.”:metal:t3:

Hey! We all have different pfunk knowledge and probably different opinion on what counts as pfunk. And y’all should absolutely point out if you believe something is wrong or if you don’t agree with something. But no need to call anybody ignorant.

Here’s a friendly reminder of the guidelines. Cool? ok.

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:point_up:t3:Sorry It’s your site your rules…I didn’t mean to use “ignorant” in a negative way just unaware of facts or lacking in knowledge, “just Laughing atcha!” Maceo, Fred The Horny Horns are a a cornerstone of FUNK and especially P-Funk and tbf their contribution can’t really be understated. Ultimately It’s always better to just listen to Funk music and enjoy rather than judge and criticise… ‘Spit Don’t Make Babies’

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Let me clarify. I mean that these albums have little to no involvement from *other * members of P-funk besides Fred and Maceo. Y’all should know better than to think I’d call Maceo and Fred not p-funk. Just a few months ago I used the data from that p-funk database site to make a pretty definitive case that they deserved RNR HOF enshrinement along with the other 16 members already in. If that isn’t an endorsement of those two being p-funk I don’t know what is! I live on the Mothership and my nose is of perfectly normal proportions.

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:point_up:t3:Yeah, I am sure I did over react a little bit, but I find the whole listing this is, this isn’t P-Funk a little bit silly sometimes but hey that’s me!!!

Life on planet groove , live in cologne is a great live set from 1992 , I have 2 soundboards from Portland shows & one from Las Vegas with Medeski Martin and Wood