AI P-Funk Fanart Portraits

A while ago I played around with finetuning some image AI for fun. It’s quite the challenge to do with so few high quality old images out there! I ended up experimenting a bunch with George and Bernie, but never really got the results/control I wanted and kind of lost steam before trying Bootsy (I may get around to him in the future). Here’s some of my favorite/best-looking ones.


Space Cadet Bernie is my favourite. :metal:

They’re all great but that one in particular floats my boat.

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Yeah, I was very happy with how that one in particular turned out. It was inspired by that Khu.éex P-Vine cover.

I take you face-to-face with the nosiest computer I know.


Beautiful, man. :metal:

You should ask AI bot if he swims or dances…

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Apparently he does.

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Ha ha brilliant. :rofl:

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Unedited Original


She’s snapped out n’ nasty as hell, but that’s how it goes in the land of no nose.