A Joyful Process edit on Greatest Hits

This is the one with the sheep’s head on the front cover, I think its recently been re-released, (possibly RSD) and apparently it has an exclusive version of “A Joyful Process” Anybody able to confirm this, and did the original release have the same version or is it a re-issue exclusive?

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Though I have an original copy, I honestly had not paid much attention, but it appears to just have a shorter edit. The ACE records page says it has a ‘unique edit’ of ‘Joyful Process’. Running times listed on Discogs for ‘Greatest Hits’ indicate the song is 2:54 on this collection, which is about 30 seconds shorter than the single edit.

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This version also appears on the compilation called Finest. On that comp (on the copy I got) they call this version “DJ edit”. I believe this shorter version only appears on these two comps. I need to go back and compare. :slightly_smiling_face:

So yeah, the original release got the same version as the re-issue.