1981 Landover unedited?

This show has made the rounds for decades. I remember having a 3rd or 4th generation copy on VHS when I was in high school.

That said, I’ve only ever seen this edited version. I’ve never seen the parts that were removed in their entirety. I know the unedited version is out there, and people have it. A large chunk of the removed scenes appear in that Amazon “Tear The Roof Off” documentary (including GC’s nude Mothership descent and Bootsy’s solo). For years I wondered why GC announced Bootsy, Sly and the Mothership were in the house, but they’re nowhere to be seen on video.

I’m guessing the edited version was the only one commonly found on the black market because of the nudity, but I’m sure someone has the complete version.

Has anyone ever seen/does anyone here own the full length version? Sly supposedly makes an appearance as well. And to piggyback off of another current thread, Zapp’s set is probably out there somewhere as well as GC asks the crowd, “how did y’all like Zapp?”

Anyway, the edits happen in a few places but most noticeably at around 26:00 and especially 1:07:19.