P-Funk CD Mix/Mastering (The Best-Sounding Releases)

What’s happenin y’all… I was just wondering if there had ever been much discussion of or if any of y’all maggots had any opinions on different releases of P material (specifically CDs) as far as their mastering/mixing whatever you wanna call it. As with certain bands (Beatles and Jimi come to mind) there is much discussion on which releases have the superior sound. I suppose it’s a little different as P-Funk more or less comes after the days of mono releases as opposed to stereo, but I’m still curious if there are any significant differences in the land of Funkadelia. I know there has been discussion when it comes to Osmium (I prefer the First Thangs version of the album myself), but have heard next to nothing about anything else in the P discography. Thoughts?