Findagroov Reviews The Songs Of… George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic

I’m in the middle of your book right now!

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Hey Seventieslord - let me know what you think. Hope you’re enjoying it!

Loving it so far. I’m only about 20% through it. It’s helped me learn about a few tracks that had previously escaped my radar, and I expect that to continue as I go into the 2nd and 3rd sections.

A good example is funk-a-disco. How did you ever hear this song, anyway?

One piece of feedback: the entry for “my love” by Jessica cleaves should mention that it’s a Paul McCartney cover. Maybe it’s assumed that the reader should know that, but by not including that info it almost makes it look like the author didn’t :wink:

One more thing (there will probably be a dozen more)…

You mention on the page for Hydraulic Pump that the album version is actually part 3 of the song. While they have some similarities, they are actually quite different and part 3 from the 12" is actually 2:00 longer than the version on UDG and HF. I haven’t heard the whole 12", just what is posted on youtube, but based on the track lengths, maybe it is part 2 that became the album version?

edit to add:

I appreciate the Heads up that Back Up Against the Wall and Nose Bleed are the exact same recording… as someone who acquired 150 P-funk CDs in a few short months and is currently absorbing it all (most of it is on the 4th listen at this point), I had not yet noticed this.

I learned about it when I found out about the multiple titles for the album. Wasn’t easy tracking down the European version of the album under the title “42,9”, with the song “Funk-A-Disco”, to listen to it.

Probably because that one actually did get by me. I belatedly caught that one after I had already published the book, unfortunately. Good catch!

so you’ve got the LP!

You may be aware that this song does not exist anywhere on the internet. Not on youtube, spotify, itunes, not in a torrent, not on a dodgy mp3 site… nowhere! Maybe you did know that, maybe that’s why you had to buy it!

Anyway, the reason I ask is, would it be possible to perform a heroic public service and post this song for the rest of us? The best way to do it would be directly to your PC by audio cables. But plenty of people just take a video of the record playing and put it on youtube. That would be sufficient too!

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On the contrary - I’m happy to say that the link to the song, as well as a picture of the “42,9” album cover, is on Facebook.

Just want to confirm that it is alright to post Facebook video links here first before I do so. Let me know and, if so, I’ll put the link up here for all to enjoy. :smiley:

It sure is! Silentboatman did it just a week ago.

No problem, it’s totally fine!

Note however, that facebook videos have a URL signature that expires after a couple of days. That doesn’t affect the link, but the link preview stop working after a while. So it’s better to disable the preview (to fb videos) by putting an empty space before the link.

I just listened to my CD version tonight, and the song that’s listed as “Come Back” is clearly Funk-a-Disco, considering they say “Funk-a-Disco” repeatedly during the song.

So, the song I’ve never heard is not Funk-a-Disco, it’s Come Back. It also matches the listed track length of Funk-a-Disco, and not Come Back (I’ve confirmed that all the other songs are definitely what they say they are).

I think there might be a mistake in the book where it says that Call the Doctor replaced Funk-a-Disco on the American release. Call the Doctor appears to be on every single version - it is Funk-A-Disco and Come Back that are interchangeable. Six different releases are shown on discogs - The 1st, 4th, 5th and 6th have Come Back, the 2nd and 3rd have Funk-a-Disco.

The release page for the CD version that I have says “track 5 originally titled Funk-a-Disco” but I think that’s a mistake. I haven’t heard Come Back, but based on your description in the book, you have heard it and it’s a very different song, not just a case of a new title.

edit: Yep, confirmed, here is Come Back, not on the CD version, only on original vinyl, as others mentioned in the video comments:

Quite correct - Come Back is indeed only from the American vinyl release “Connections and Disconnections” while Funk-A-Disco is from the European and Asian vinyl release “42,9” and, unfortunately, the CD reissue “Who’s A Funkadelic?” mistitles “Funk-A-Disco” as “Come Back”, completely confusing the buyer.

What would have made much more sense would have been to have simply put out a new CD version with both songs on it, making for a complete release.

But, for the record, here is the Facebook link that I said I would put up for “Funk-A-Disco”:


Next question… On cherries, bananas, and other fine things you only reviewed the four songs that Funkadelic had anything to do with. It’s clear from the album credits. However, on the chairman of the board’s album the skin that I’m in, you reviewed seven of the 11 songs but nothing that I can see in the credits specifically indicates that the seven that you reviewed involved Funkadelic or that the four that you didn’t review do not include them. What information were you going by when you decided to review those seven but not the other four?

Never mind… I just got back to reading it now, and I see you have some song combined into one entry.

@Findagroov another question… on Muruga Booker’s album Rock the Planet, you have four songs credited as featuring George Clinton. But the credits seem to indicate Clinton was only prominent on one song: Freedom of Speech. I’m having trouble hearing on bandcamp, what George did in the other three Songs, Ju Ju Man, Dysfunktion, and Airhead. What is your source for what George contributed to those songs? And how do you know it was just those four and not the rest of the album?

Hey Seventieslord

My source for that one is Discogs -

Vocals, Producer – [George Clinton] (tracks: 1, 5, 7, 10)

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Just purchased the book on amazon kindle for $5.99 US


Evidently I missed this :joy:

I’ll be ordering your book today, Findagroov :metal:

This book is great! But it’s only digital…