Diaperman Goes Starchild / The Second Coming

Does anyone have these? I am interested in getting them (still filling out the collection with the 2nd and 3rd tier essential releases) but they don’t seem to exist anywhere on the internet. The funk shop is out of them. This may be one where I have to just own it in digital format. Can anyone help with that?


I have some really terrible quality mp3s of tracks 1,2,4,5,6. But that’s about it. I would be interested in hearing decent quality ones as well, also Diaperman Goes Starchild.

How terrible? Any mp3 of 128 kb/s or better should be a pretty good representation of the audio from the CD. Maybe the source material is really bad quality? Though, I doubt it…

Uh, wow. Has anyone seen this?

It only exists digitally, but still, until a minute ago I didn’t even realize it existed. Track previews sound surprisingly excellent.

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They’re actually not even that bad. Not sure why I thought I remembered them being awful. I have 2nd coming in 128 and Diaperman Goes Starchild in 192. I can drop a link if you’d like

A youtube channel by the name of Robin Denson Austin has Glory Of Love and Knockin’ by G&L Shider on her channel. Which, side note: that channel actually has some dank P on there. Most of the new House Guests drop, some Gabe Gonzalez Enema Squad, Chops N Soul, Detroit Rising. I was glad I found it, got some dope stuff I’ve never heard of on there.

Yes, absolutely. I’d love that.