Connections & Disconnections's original German version

For some reason, the album was first released in Germany under the title 42,9%, with a different tracklist. I was never able to find a rip of this pressing. I was wondering if anyone has ever been able to digitalize it? Second hand copies seem to go cheap, but one would need a turntable.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I don’t think there’s a rip out there. But you’re probably not missing anything; it’s surely the same recordings as found on the other releases.

There’s one song that was only on the vinyl versions and not on CD. That’s been ripped and can be found. I think we talked about it here.

Ha! Found it on Eddie Hazel’s FB page of all places:

And if it turns out it’s in fact the same song with a different title (Funk-A-Disco on the German version, Come Back on all subsequent releases)!!

And for all these years I thought it was a song exclusive to this release… :exploding_head:

That said, the title difference really only is on the German pressing: the US LP has it called Come Back.

Apart from this, all versions listed on Discogs have the exact same tracklist, so I wonder which song you are referring to that wouldn’t have been on the CD? Could it be you’re confusing it with another record?

Thanks for your reply either way, it helped me find it at least :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

There are two different songs :smile: . Check the discussion here:

Here’s a sound clip/link @Seventieslord posted in that discussion.

@silentboatman thank you so much.

OK I read it and understand now: the titles’ mishmash is like… insane :joy:

This place is so cool :heart_eyes: Thanks guys for solving this, and finally I get to hear it, and realize that all these years I had the original album, not the reworked one :joy:

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Slightly off topic, but do we know who is behind this FB page? I’ve followed for years and often wondered, they post a lot of good stuff.

I always wondered about that title, 42,9%. I heard that it had something to do with that they’re 3/7 of Funkadelic. Don’t know if that’s actually the reason for the title. But if it is, where does the 7 come from? Perhaps it could be the five Parliaments plus Billy and Eddie. But in that case, why didn’t they count Tawl, Tiki and Bernie? Or maybe they meant that the original group started before they came along. But Billy joined before Eddie, so you could argue that the original group started before Eddie… I don’t know… If the title was 60% (3/5), then I would get it. :grin:

That person seems to wanna be anonymous :disguised_face:, but yeah he/she posts great stuff.

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Ha ha crazy title theories ^^

What I find even more puzzling is why was this released in Germany -of all places!- first? And why, besides the slight change in the tracklist, was it retitled for the US market, then retitled again for the CD reissue?