By Way Of The Drum (Pedro Bell album cover version)

Keep Me Burnin’ is a fave off that record. I do believe there is a Bootsy rhythm guitar all up in that mug. George barely recalled the group when mentioned to him during one of the old periscope thangs he used to do.

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Never heard this album. Had a chance to buy a copy a while back and didn’t, and kinda regret it now

Scott Goldfine says in November 1989 George Clinton gave him a tape of By Way of the Drum, and it was stolen from his car, it’s very likely this is how the tape got bootlegged. The track listing shows up on the internet in 1996, so clearly someone was making copies of it back then.

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A guy called Frank Colon just wrote this on on the Funkadelic Primal Instinct You Tube video.

“Hi, y’all️ I’m on this track, performing on percussion! Amp Fiddler and Loic Gambas set up the basic track, which George and Diem then took into an LA studio and produced the rest of the jam. And, to the best of my recollection, we did this in 1985.”

This is info all adds up because Debra Barsha is also on the track, and she worked on Dolby’s Cube with Clinton in 1985.
It looks like the album was recorded 1984 to 1985, I’m still sure another By Way of the Drum album was recorded before this one with Junkanoo drumming in 1982, because Clinton says in a interview the album is finished and will be released in Spring 1983 on CBS records.
I reckon Clinton wanted to update the sound of the album, and switched it to drum machines instead.

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