By Way Of The Drum (Pedro Bell album cover version)

Thanks for these scans, in the January 1983 Black music and Jazz review magazine it says the By Way of the Drum album is being released Spring 1983 on CBS. I guess the record execs shelved it.
I’m certain the album was finished by late 1982, and a few tracks were cut off it, and replaced by Freaks Baring Gifts and Yadadada. These 2 tracks had to be made after 1984 because Yadadada rips off Slick Rick’s 1985 track La Di Da Di, and Beware of Freaks samples Double Oh Oh from 1985.
In the interview Clinton mentions the album having Jonkanoo drumming on, I reckon there must be a few unreleased tracks with the Jonkanoo drumming on out there that didn’t make the 2007 released of the album.